Premier Designing Details

Premier Designing Details
Staging is the fine art of merchandising a home to make it more appealing to prospective buyers and draw their attention to nuances they might otherwise overlook.  It can involve adding, removing or rearranging furniture, placing accessories, and painting.When sellers stage a home, the goal is often to work with what you have in order to keep costs to a minimum.  However, more and more sellers are hiring professional stagers and, in some cases – particularly in large, more outdated homes, staging costs can run into thousands of dollars. We want to help you do this at a minimum cost to you. These costs can easily be recouped in terms of increased selling price and decreased market time. Our success rate of selling our staged homes and condos is about 98% , and often the sale occurs immediately after we stage the home, regardless of how long it has been on the market !!  Our latest single family home SOLD in one day after the staging and the home had been on the market over a year. It closed within a month of the staging event and offer acceptance.

Determining the best way to stage your home starts with noting the unique elements you want to highlight, in addition to any problem areas you want to downplay.  If your built-in bookshelf is impressive, replace the books with a couple of notable displays on each shelf.  If your entryway is a standout feature, make one item the focal point of the space.  Place fresh flowers and candles in a bathroom to make it more inviting.

We have many, many, more sugestions for you when we market your home for sale. We have DVD’s for you to watch and we own 3 sets of staging furniture for vacant or new construction homes.

I have received my CHMS (Certified Home Marketing Specialist) designation from Martha Webb, author of Dress Your House for Success .

I look forward to helping you Dress Your House for Success through our marketing efforts.

If you would like more information about staging and listing your home for sale, please don’t hesitate to contact me at 859-983-4663 or 561-239-3683 to schedule a consultation. We have staging furniture for 3 homes now if it is vacant or we can stage your home with what you already have.

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